API call with Cypress.io

Are you new to Cypress and excited to learn about API testing with Cypress? Then this article is for you!

I never knew that Cypress has a separate function to do API call. Yes, we can do all API call with cy.request(). Before proceeding further, you need to install Cypress in your system. Please refer here to install cypress — Cypress installation.

Sign up weather API:

To demonstrate this API call, I have made use of public weather API and you can sign up here.

Once you are done, you will get a secret API access key which you can use it to access…

Recently I came across an idea for solving a problem. I thought of giving solution with an android app. But I am not aware of anything about android app development. So I did few research about the android app development and android studio. Then I also came to know that, we need to learn either Java or a new language introduced by Jetbrains called Kotlin. I was confused and I did some research on choosing apt language for me to learn.

Android Studio with Kotlin:

I thought of choosing Kotlin because I found Kotlin simple and easy to use than Java. But I don’t…

Make API call with Cypress

When I getting started with Cypress, it was very difficult to call API from Cypress spec file. When we migrate from one testing framework to another we may feel very difficult to make use of already existing API call functions which we have written in Javascript. I thought of sharing a way which we can reuse the same Javascript code in Cypress. Lets get started!!

NPM package:

npm install cypress
npm install axios

Sign up weather API

To demonstrate this API call, I have made use of public weather API and you can sign up here.

Once you are done, you will get a secret API…

While writing test script, it might be very difficult for us to get the text from text suggestion box and click the text. Since in Cypress we cannot assign the text value of a tag directly, it becomes more difficult for us to assert and select particular text from the suggested text. For this issue, we will use Jquery to parse through the suggested text and click on the apt one.


  • npm
  • nodejs
  • cypress

Let’s get started:

First thing will be initializing the empty node package manager(npm) with below command after creating a project folder,

npm init -y


When I started coding in Javascript, I mostly preferred JSON file format rather than any other file format. I thought of using IPL data and do some analysis with it. But the data which I got was in CSV format. Though we have csv-parser npm package, I thought of writing my own script which could convert the CSV file into JSON file. Let’s learn about it…

Before getting started, you need to install npm and node js in your machine. Also you may need CSV data set to convert into JSON format. …

Recently I started with automation testing. I got a scenario where we need to assert the images. That became very tough situation for us and we just ignored that for now. Then I started few research like whether we can assert images with Node js. Yes!! we can do it with the help of looks-same

To get it started, you need to first install node js in your machine. You may need the npm package — looks-same.

Get the Visual studio code and open a new terminal inside and type below to initiate node package manager,

npm init -y


Recently when I was learning Django, I come across with a problem in my father’s shop. We do repair services for cooker, mixie, fan, grinder, etc.. But the customer who gave service used to visit our shop everytime to check whether the service is completed. It was difficult for my father to update them everytime after they reach our shop. So I just got an idea to modify a TODO website created by zappycode using Django. Come lets explore more about the solution.


pip install django
pip install twilio
pip install git

Clone my Django project:

I have created my entire project by modifying…

Hey everyone, hope you might have enjoyed watching IPL(Indian Premier League). Are you interested in analyzing the same IPL data?! Then this article is for you!!

Prerequisites for this exercise:

  • Python
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Downloaded data set

Downloading the data set:

Let us download the data set to begin the data analysis. Below link has the IPL entire data set starting from 2008 to 2020,

You may need to login to get the data set.

Let’s Code:

Once you have downloaded the data set, unzip it and make it ready to use it. Here am going to analyze the file “IPL…

When I am working in production environment, sometimes I get a request to run an insert query which have too many columns. But when I paste the query which I got it from another user into linux server, the alignment of the hive query won’t be proper and I was forced to do it using notepad++ to eliminate new lines and unwanted space. But find and replace method in notepad++ seems to be a very time consuming process. So I had a thought of making a python script which could resolve this issue. Let’s look into it deeper….

Reading the…

Web scraping website with pyqt5

Those who bored of learning basics of python and who want to do something interesting, this blog will be definitely useful. Okay, let’s go with the title. What is web scraping? Scrap is nothing but a left over from a product. Same way web scraping is nothing but extracting data from a website. Like metal scrap we can extract useful things from the website which ever we are looking for. I used to check everyday for price drop of ipad mini 5 in amazon.in website(unfortunately it never drops 😅). But in-order to check price, i need to open browser, enter…

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