Getting started with Android app development using Kotlin

Siddharth Murugan
2 min readSep 12, 2021

Recently I came across an idea for solving a problem. I thought of giving solution with an android app. But I am not aware of anything about android app development. So I did few research about the android app development and android studio. Then I also came to know that, we need to learn either Java or a new language introduced by Jetbrains called Kotlin. I was confused and I did some research on choosing apt language for me to learn.

Android Studio with Kotlin:

I thought of choosing Kotlin because I found Kotlin simple and easy to use than Java. But I don’t know how to get started with Kotlin. I could find plenty of videos and tutorial with Java as programming language but not Kotlin. I could see only few videos with Kotlin. But I got a good website which could teach both Kotlin and Android studio for beginners like me.

Google provides Kotlin & Android studio courses:

Kotlin course website

Yes! its none other than Google. I did few courses with it and I found it very useful and interesting to learn. I knew nothing about android studio or Kotlin but they gave a very good introduction and hands on experience about the setup and everything. Below is the link,

Give a try and happy learning!!



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