Import npm package from Github repository

Siddharth Murugan
2 min readOct 10, 2021


Problem statement:

Recently I had an issue with my testing script. I was using a npm package, which had some bug in it. I was able to fix the bug. I can test in local since it is easy to make the same changes inside node_modules folder where the npm package code lies. But I may need to test the code in CI / CD pipeline before pushing the code into the repository. Also it may take time to merge the pull request as it is managed by some other team.


The solution is simple, we need to make use of npm package from my own forked github repository.

With below command you can install your own modified package from Github:

npm install git+ssh://<your_repository_ssh_clone_link>#<branch_name>

Getting ssh clone link:

When you visit github repository, you will have a green colour button named code. Once you click over it, you will get https clone link and you can select ssh in that tab. I had permission issue when using https, so I prefered ssh.


Branch name:

In my above repository, I don’t have any branch. So it is fine to have only repository. But if you have many branch, you may need to specify exact branch followed by #(hash) symbol.

My import command will look as below:

npm install git+ssh://

Note: Above repository is not a npm package, I have shown just for understanding

Hope this helps for you to import your github repository into npm package.



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