It all started with lemon shrub — Mini food chain

I still remember my childhood days when I planted my first ever plant. Yes, its a small lemon shrub. When it started growing, we found many caterpillars in the leaves. As days passed, there were no leaves left in the lemon plant. So after that we started taking caterpillars away from the plants by using a stick. As the shrub grows still we found more caterpillars on it.

Bee hive

As the shrub grows more it attracted more butterflies to lay eggs on it. One day we noticed that the caterpillars were actually eaten by many birds. Then that moment, we stopped taking away those caterpillars. As the shrub grows, it got flowers which in turn attracted so many insects on it. Which in turn attracted many more birds. Also we got a bee hive 😍 in the same lemon shrub.

Wasp nest

Since there was a bee hive we got a wasp nest nearby which used to eat honey bees.

Bird nest

As the count of insects increased, we got many birds and other reptiles increased which consumes insects as food.

Street cat(Villan)
Street cat(Villan)

Then comes villan of the garden, yes! its a street cat which used to keep on roaming inside our garden for reptiles and birds. When it enters our garden, whole gardern used to be noisy. The birds and squirrels used to alert all the other living creatures which stays in garden. Whenever we prepare some non vegetarian food, that villan will visit our home without invitation 😂. Its all started with lemon tree…🌱